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Welcome. Art and acupuncture are both practiced and are both arts. Both have roads and side tracks to explore. Is a nicely balanced acupuncture treatment or meticulously designed herbal formula all that much different from a well composed drawing? When I’m done needling a patient I often say “That looks pretty good”. When I’m tangling with a drawing I ask it “What do you need?” If you are looking for something I hope there is a navigation tab for it. If you’ve come here looking to buy the table top card game Herb Apocalypse you can sign up through CONTACT for notification when there are copies ready for purchase.


UCSC BA Art (emphasis on drawing and printmaking)

Five Branches Institute, MA Traditional Chinese Medicine


California Licensed Acupuncturist 1999

Movement and Stillness

Martial Arts

Tai Chi Chuan Black Belt and teacher

Ba Gua

Tai Chi Sword

Qi Gong


Gokhale Method

retired Teacher


Healing Light Church Crucible Program

Reiki Level 2

BioMagnetism Level 2


Miraculous Journeys of A Mundane Man: Illustrated True Stories of Other Lives, Other Worlds, and Visionary Travel, Written by Steve Strasnick, illustrated by Diana Moll, Mystic Tao Publishing, 2017

Herb Apothecary, a Coloring Book of 54 Chinese Herbs, written and illustrated by Diana Moll, L.Ac., Qi Papers Publishing, 2016

Assemblage, written and illustrated by Diana Moll, Qi Papers Publishing 2013



KZSC - music programmer

KUSP - music programmer


Designs For a Cause - illustration and design

The Rabbit Haven - rabbit health educator and nail trimmer

“They call me a Rabbit Whisperer, but I’m really more a Rabbit Mumbler”